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Sir Walter Scott's Selkirk 2001
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December 2001

- Fleece Hotel Selkirk -

Selkirk staged an extremely successful second Period Weekend which was held in December 2001.

It was themed on Sir Walter Scott (circa.early 1800's) and a large number of townspeople dressed up in period costume. All the shopkeepers and their staff did the same.

Actors played the parts of Sir Walter Scott (Simon Crouch), James Hogg (Ian Briggs), Dr Lawson (local Minister, Rev Jim Campbell) and Mungo Park (John Nichol) These men were all notable people of the town in the 1800's. There were plays, dancing, music and many market stalls.

The weekend proved to be an outstanding success with very favourable weather on both days, dry but cold.

Sir Walter Scott and Alistair Pittullo

The Deacons and the Master of the Selkirk Merchant Company

Maurice Manion the Town Crier

Dr Anderson, James Hogg and Mungo Park

The Selkirk Volunteers

Celebratory Fireworks

Selkirk Flute Band

James Hogg

Serving Wenches

Selkirk Market Place

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