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Selkirk Common Riding
Selkirk Common Riding 2001

This year Selkirk will not appoint a Royal Burgh Standard Bearer. Instead, four ex Royal Burgh Standard Bearers will be appointed Burleymen to carry the Burgh Flag as agreed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on May 11.

Processions and other functions will take place in the town. The Royal Burgh Flag will be carried in procession. The Flag will then be transferred to horses stabled at Linglie Farm, and the four Burleymen will ride the Marches.

The castings will take place on Friday June 15. The Royal Burgh Flag will be cast by the Senior Burgh Officer James Heatlie as set down by the Common Riding Trust.

Selkirk Common Riding Photo Gallery

Common Riding Day

The Nicht Afore The Morn

The people of Selkirk gather around the streets, to watch the Crying O' The Burley.

Provisional Timetable

Standard Bearers and Lady Bussers

Message from The Provost

New Honorary Provost

The Selkirk Common Riding Trust met on Tuesday 8th May and appointed Johnny Thomson as the Honorary Provost.
Message from The Provost.

Selkirk Common Riding Appointment Night

Friday 28th April

The Standard Bearers

Steven Squance

Last year's Royal Burgh Standard Bearer.

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Selkirk Common Riding

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